Terms & Conditions

Warranty and Return Policy

We work hard making sure that each product leaving our warehouse meets the very high quality standards we and our customers have. Any time we don't meet this expectation, we'll make the choice to either send out a replacement or we may pay the shipping costs for our customers to return it to us to fix at our facility.

As much faith as we have in the quality of our products, we do make a few exceptions:

We can't warranty product failures due to normal wear and tear, or product used in a way it isn't meant to be.

We also don't cover failures caused by lack of care as given in instructions you when you purchase your product.

If we have paid return shipping for a product and determine that the issue is not our liability, we will require that the customer reimburse us for our shipping costs.

We maintain a neat working environment and try to keep our products in as clean a condition as possible. In spite of this, some products may arrive in less than sparkling condition. Usually, plain soap and water is all that's needed to clean any spots.

We can't warranty product failures due to normal wear and tear, or product used in a way it isn't meant to be.

When making a custom product, we do all we can to exactly match the size of the product and grommet specifications but there in some instances there may be variances up to 1 & 1/4" in the dimensions or rarely in grommet placements.

In the manufacture of very large tarps, we will likely have to join sections of vinyl in increments of roughly 60 inches. We hope to make these seems as smooth as possible, but no claim of invisible seams is made by us. Visible seams are not a product flaw.

Our warranty is limited to replacement or repair of the product and doesn't cover any incidental, consequential or related damages or losses that might result from a problem with our product.

You must notify us of a suspected defect within 30 days of receiving your product.

30 Day Return Policy - Unused Products Only

Many of our products are custom made and would not fit the needs of a different customer. Due to this, we must limit returns to those we feel we would be able to easily resell.

Returns are only accepted within 30 days of the date of purchase. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same new condition that you received it.

To return your product, please contact us at cargocomponents.com. To process your return, we require proof of purchase, such as a receipt. You will be responsible for the shipping costs. If the product is received by us in unused and undamaged condition, we will refund your purchase.

Cancellation Policy

Typically, we don't begin to manufacture your product until we have been paid for it. Of course, there are exceptions to this for established customers. If you'd like to CHANGE your order, please cancel it if we haven't started the work, such as cutting materials, then order the new product. If we have started work, cancellations aren't allowed. If you haven't paid for your order and want to cancel, you may do so without ramifications. Please DO contact us by phone immediately if you desire to cancel your order.