Our Story

Cargo Componets Inc. was established in Washington State in July of 1975 by Erling Larsen Sr. primarily as an Aircraft Seat Belt Manufacturer.

By the Mid 1990's his son JR took over the company and added trucking supplies to the roster of manufactured goods.

In the Late 90's  JR found out about a young, talented tailor so he asked him to come in and help out by sewing on occasion.

Over the next decade, Kenneth Rounds, had been working with JR on various projects both for Cargo Components and his own design & development firm known as "Phunnybaggs

When JR was ready to exit the industry he offered the company to Kenneth whom then took over in January of 2016. Kenneth soon moved the facility from Kent to Sumner, Washington.

Under this new ownership the capabilities have expanded once again to accommodate an even wider spectrum of industries that remain to be core value to the companies product lines.

Now with a wide range of tooling and equipment, a clean and flexible workspace and an even larger team of dedicated & talented craftspeople, we here at cargo components ask you to challenge our team to tackle your production requirements!